One for Mum

RM188 One for Mum Davidson FL/PNO
RM188 One for Mum Davidson FL/PNO
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RM188e One for Mum Davidson FL/PNO
RM188e One for Mum Davidson FL/PNO
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Composer: Lachlan Davidson
Composed: 1995 Duration: 4 mins.
Instrumentation: Flute & Piano Level C
Exam Grade: HSC Flute
ISMN: M-720059-77-8 Catalogue: RM188
Level: C Country: Australia

I wrote this in 1995 (at a time when my Mum was sick) and I'm delighted that so many people have enjoyed playing it since, hopefully to their Mums too. I've heard many renditions and have enjoyed the diversity of interpretations people have brought to it. It is best to practise it slowly with the metronome, learning the tricky bits separately at first. Don't make too much of the semi-quavers as they are ornaments to the main melody but do try to be accurate with them and don't swallow them. Latch on to the accents as they really bring out the Latin-Jazz feel of the piece. The dynamics help create more emotional ebb and flow in the music.

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