Tips on Earning Your 25%

The Reed Music Members affiliate program is designed for anyone to join and you can save 25% of your purchases and earn 25% on referrals.

Reed Music Members is free to join and quick to set up. You can choose various levels of involvement depending upon how proactive you want to be in promoting your own works. The easiest method is to just add an email footer promoting your favourite works. Once you create your Reed Music Members account, login and you will a screen like this. The important part here is your affiliate link. This is what you can use generate trackable referrals.

Affiliate Link

Email Footer

Thanks to Reed Music saxophonist Barry Cockcroft for supplying his settings for an example! (Yes there is an affiliate link in there!)

The really important part is the ending to the link ?ap_id=yourname. It only needs to be clicked once to set the cookie on the Reed Music website and then it is no longer required on subsequent clicks. The cookie is what tracks any clicks and subsequent sales to award affiliate commissions.

Example use of an email footer for easy promotion of your published works.

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to let you know about some great new saxophone works at Reed Music.

Barry Cockcroft

You might also like to refer directly to the products of a particular instrument.

Copy the URL from any page you like.
Don't forget to add the ?ap_id=yourname to the end of any links!

You can also embed the link inside text, see your email application for further instructions.

Barry Cockcroft
published by Reed Music

Social Media

If you use Facebook or other social media, consider adding an update to include a link once or so a week to one of your Reed Music publications.
Don't forget to add the ?ap_id=yourname to end of any link that you want to promote.

Adding an Affiliate Link to Facebook

Links on your website.

If you are running your own website, you can mention anywhere Reed Music (yes another affiliate link). On Barry's saxophone website, you can see a link to Reed Music in the sidebar so that people can find his music easily. Again for promoting any individual piece, copy the link from the browser, paste on your affiliate ID code to the end (?ap_id=yourname). For the more technical create a banner to link to Reed Music or copy the code and embed one from the Ads section in the Reed Music Affiliates program (see below).

Reed Music


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