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Steppin’ Up (8 pieces)

Contents: Herbie's Journey, Heaven's Steps, Dracula's New Shorts, Cha Cha Boom, I Wonder Why, Eat My Shorts Dance, My Neighbour's Pool, Half a Dozen

Leaps and Bounds (6 pieces)

Contents: Shuffle Over Here , We Don't Tango Here , The Minor Issue , The Boogie Woogie Woogie , Funkability, Be Bopaphobia

Raggedy Blue

My Favourite Bassoon Tutor Book 2CD play-along

This CD is no longer available. It is now available as a free digital download.

Please visit My Favourite Tutor Books for further information on this popular series.

My Favourite Tutor Books for woodwind and brass.

With up to 180 of your favourite tunes,
this new series of books will help you learn your instrument,
develop solid technique and understand music theory.

Everything you need is in the music.
For more information, please select from the topics on the left.

Piano accompaniment

Written by pianist/arranger Graeme Vendy, these piano accompaniments give a contemporary feel to the traditional tunes used in My Favourite Tutor Books.

Key Features

  • introduction for every tune serves as a musical count-in.
  • no page turns
  • chord symbols included
  • contemporary feel
  • every tune has accompaniment
  • 2CD play-along also available

Play-along Tracks
Digitally recorded from a Steinway D piano, these play-along CDs are for students to play with at home or for teachers who do not have access to a piano during lessons. Each tune has a musical introduction, so no count-ins are needed. Students can quickly learn correct pitch, precise rhythm and harmonic awareness. Recordings match exactly My Favourite Tutor Book piano accompaniment books.

One for Mum

I wrote this in 1995 (at a time when my Mum was sick) and I'm delighted that so many people have enjoyed playing it since, hopefully to their Mums too. I've heard many renditions and have enjoyed the diversity of interpretations people have brought to it. It is best to practise it slowly with the metronome, learning the tricky bits separately at first. Don't make too much of the semi-quavers as they are ornaments to the main melody but do try to be accurate with them and don't swallow them. Latch on to the accents as they really bring out the Latin-Jazz feel of the piece. The dynamics help create more emotional ebb and flow in the music.

The Autumn Cannon Ball

My Favourite WW/Perc Duets Accompaniment Book 3

My Favourite WW/Perc Duets Accompaniment Book 2

My Favourite WW/Perc Duets Accompaniment Book 1

My Favourite Bassoon Duets Book 3

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