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Silent Night (Gruber)

This arrangement of the lovely traditional Christmas carol is set in a lush, sometimes romantic style of a quasi-jazz saxophone section. It is packed with interesting harmonic movement and yet always stays true to the original melody that all know and love. The writing is challenging enough to make it interesting and yet it never crosses over into the “too difficult” category that some jazz saxophone section writing can stray in to. The short “Supersax” two thirds the way through is guaranteed to give listeners goose bumps and all in all this chart is sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter where it’s performed.


Jimmy’s Hen Tricks

Ride Out

Tis Raining Jim

RM739 Tis Raining Jim

Performed by Continuum Sax

Jarrod Drives D’bus

RM737 Jarrod Drives Dbus

Performed by Continuum Sax

Poca Loca Marge

Performed by Continuum Sax


Played by Continuum Sax

Une Petite Polonaise

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