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Call Me

RM728e Call Me Jolliffe OB/CLA/BSN
RM728e Call Me Jolliffe OB/CLA/BSN
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Composer: Edmund Jolliffe
Composed: 2010 Duration: 14 mins.
Instrumentation: Bassoon Chamber Music, Clarinet Chamber Music, Oboe Chamber Music
ISMN: 979-0-720129-28-0 Catalogue: RM728
Level: C Country: United Kingdom

Call Me centres around communication and each movement explores a different idea based on this. The movements may be performed separately if desired.

Call Me explores the idea of being rung by different people; sometimes they are people we want to talk to and sometimes they are not. The music represents those phone calls, the interruptions they make in our lives and the different conversations we might have, depending on who the person is. The inspiration behind each movement stems from conversations we may be involved in.

Breaking Up takes a musical line and literally breaks it up – between parts and between pitches. The structure is based on a verse and chorus form, much like a cliched love song that the title seems to imply.

On Hold represents the frustration at being put on hold and having to listen to piped music. The music tries to break free from itself and there are big climaxes, but ultimately they are unsuccessful and return back to the main theme as the listener continues to remain on hold.

Crossed Lines takes its inspiration entirely from the title. The musical lines are constantly intertwined, sometimes fighting with each other, so it is difficult to know which instrument line is the main focus. The instruments also argue as to which key they should be in, resulting in moments of bitonality.

Commissioned by the Rose Trio with funds from the RVW Trust.

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