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RM698 Arioso Firth FL/PNO
RM698 Arioso Firth FL/PNO
Printed Book
RM698e Arioso Firth FL/PNO
RM698e Arioso Firth FL/PNO
Digital Download eScore
Composer: Andy Firth
Composed: 2010 Duration: 3 mins.
Instrumentation: Flute & Piano Level D
Exam Grade: HSC Flute
ISMN: 979-0-720109-96-1 Catalogue: RM698
Level: D Country: Australia

Arioso is a simple, pretty little romantically styled work originally written for alto saxophone. The first theme is constructed so that it instantly sounds and feels familiar to soloist and listener alike. Mid-way through however the musical “seas” become choppy and the soloist is soon hurled into a series of dramatic runs and arpeggios that culminate on a high note. The music once again calms down via a short but fugal styled piano interlude. With the return of the main theme the music becomes romantic and soothing once more as the conclusion to the piece is reached. This piece is perfectly suited for a HSC program, high school concert or recital and easily playable by an intermediate to advanced level player.

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