About Reed Music

Reed Music is an international music publishing company based in Australia focusing on original compositions, quality arrangements and dynamic educational books. Established in 1995, Reed Music publishes more than 15,000 works and represents over 120 composers from the United States, England, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and Iran.

Reed Music was established by composers for composers. We offer one of the highest royalty rates in the industry, worldwide distribution and other attractive terms. Reed Music publishes some of the most popular new compositions and educational books. Considerable efforts are made to promote the music through recordings, collaboration with leading performers, live performances and the continual development of an informative website.

Reed Music publishes music for all instruments and has many ensemble pieces including concert band, our big band series and music for various chamber ensembles.

Reed Music welcomes submissions from new composers.

Reed Music in Australia
Reed Music publishes a large number of Australian compositions and over 250 works are included on the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) classical saxophone, saxophone for leisure, clarinet, cello, viola, violin, cello, bassoon, classical guitar and piano syllabuses further expanding the choice of Australian music for exam candidates. Reed Music publications continue to be popular for use in exams such as ABRSM, Trinity, ANZCA, VCE, HSC, local and international competitions. Reed Music is the largest publisher of music by Australian composers.

Synonymous with saxophone, Reed Music has played an important role in the development of a significant repertoire for the instrument. Reed Music's saxophone publications are used for performances by students, undergraduate and graduate university candidates as well as active professionals. Reed Music scores have a high profile throughout the world with regular performances at international events such as the World Saxophone Congress, the International Saxophone Symposium and NASA conferences and the British Saxophone Congress.

Educational Books
In 2005 Reed Music began to produce educational books and has published titles including the My Favourite Tutor Book series, My Favourite Duets, My Favourite Band, Band Class 1,2 & 3, A Score of Ideas and Tunes. These publications provide teachers with excellent material for use in the classroom, lessons and school concerts.

Reed Music continues to seek new directions in its publishing efforts and 2024 will see the continued growth of its extensive catalogue as well as the development of exciting new avenues for the proliferation of new music, recordings and quality educational publications.