Getting Music Published with Reed Music

Reed Music is not currently accepting new scores.

Getting music published – getting songs published.

  • Reed Music publishes music for all instruments.
  • Reed Music scores can be purchased as print music books or digital download eScores.
  • Reed Music professionally edits every new publication to maximise ease of performance.
  • Reed Music printed scores are professionally produced, laminated and securely bound on high-quality heavyweight paper.
  • Reed Music downloads are hassle-free standard PDF files overprinted with purchasers details to minimise sharing.
  • Reed Music sells its scores through and leading music stores throughout the world.
  • Reed Music distributes its own products maximising returns for the composers.
  • Reed Music has tools to help composers promote themselves.
  • Reed Music registers all works with performing rights societies.
  • Reed Music sub-licenses publications to examination bodies such as AMEB, ABRSM etc.
  • Reed Music issues electronic contracts speeding up the time to publication.

A quick overview of our terms and conditions*

  • Reed Music composers can earn up to 55% of retail price.
  • Reed Music promotes each contracted piece for a term of 10 years.
  • Reed Music contracts individual works, not entire composer catalogues.
  • Reed Music pays royalties every 6 months and referral commissions every month.

* The complete terms of our publishing agreement are available during the contracting procedure.

Income from compositions

  • Print music sales. These can be physical books or digital downloads.
  • Sub-licensing – Reed Music works used by an examination body such as ABRSM.
  • Mechanical – licenses for recordings – CDs, DVDs, track downloads etc.
  • Synchronisation - Reed Music works used in TV, films etc.
  • Airplay - concerts and broadcast radio generate performance royalties.
  • Photocopying done under license in schools.

All works professionally edited.

Music editing is in itself a musical art form. The basic premise of editing is that the printed music must be as easy to read for the performer as possible. This can have a profound effect on whether or not your music is played. Regardless of the level of difficulty, music that is hard to read is played less than well-edited music.

  • The clearer that a piece is to read and understood, the quicker the music can be learned.
  • Collisions between all objects are avoided.
  • Page turns are considered to help create a hassle-free performance.
  • Consistency of phrasing throughout to aid the performer in identifying the structure of the music.
  • Cues may be needed for efficient rehearsal.
  • Dynamics need to enhance the music, not distract the performer.
  • Consideration of rehearsal letters & bar number placement to help speedy rehearsals.
  • Simplification of accidentals (if appropriate) for faster sight-reading.

These are just a few things that we look at, but our editors go through a thorough analysing every note and phrase to come up with the best possible solution for each score. Reed Music scores have a consistent look across our catalogue and players have come to expect a high standard when reading from our publications.

Our senior editor has individually edited over 15,000 individual pieces of music plus parts. This service is offered free of charge to Reed Music composers and is a collaborative process between editor and composer to ensure that music that is published goes out error-free and professionally presented. Reed Music also offers score and part preparation for handwritten scores for a fee.


If you like social networking, then you will enjoy our Members affiliate program. Add your affiliate link to your social media sites and watch your music go viral. One link from you will go to all your friends/followers and each subsequent 'like, +1 etc' from them will go to all their friends and followers. In the meantime, your affiliate link has been tracked, a cookie set and any subsequent sales will earn you a commission.

Reed Music offers a unique advantage for composers who have their own website or who are interested in promoting their own work through our Members Affiliate Program. It is free to join and allows anyone to promote Reed Music works and receive 25% of all referred sales made through our website. Each time someone clicks a link from your website to, you could be earning a commission. It is simple to do, you can set and forget or you can be more active in promoting your music. 

You can also use the Reed Music Members program to buy your own scores ultimately saving 55% (royalty plus commission) off the list price for sale at concerts or other events where you want to promote your own music.

Exam Music

In many countries, music is performed by students because it is on a list or syllabus. This could be a high school exam, a university syllabus or an examinations body such as ABRSM or Trinity. Most teachers do not have time or inclination to test every new piece that comes along and rely on tried and tested repertoire to use with the students. It can be challenging to encourage these people (who may form a large part of your potential market) to look seriously at your music. Reed Music regularly submits to all examinations bodies for consideration of inclusion on a syllabus. Reed Music is a trusted supplier of music for the examinations bodies and already has hundreds of works on the various syllabuses.

Maximise Your Chances of Success

  • Write compelling music.
  • Have a good live recording of your music - many people now use Youtube as their primary source of exploring music.
  • Work with the best available performers. A high-quality performance adds real authority to your music.
  • Reed Music can really help to take your music beyond your immediate circle and onto the world stage.
  • Don't give away your music for free - value is a perception.
  • Promote yourself in conjunction with Reed Music.

Publishing is not part of the composition process. Although the editing process can double-check some of the fine details, all music submitted to Reed Music must be complete. Significant changes to scores during or after publication are time-consuming and expensive and can lead to lengthy delays in the availability of your music.

Please to take some to consider Reed Music's publishing process and we look forward to the possibility of working together.
Please contact Reed Music if you have any further questions.