Band Class 3 (23 pieces)

A great value repertoire collection including 23 original Australian band compositions for levels 1½ - 3.

  • Styles include rock, blues, contemporary, rag, swing, hoe down, march and more.
  • Full score includes all parts, program notes, fingering charts and performance instructions.
  • Duration of pieces range from 1½ - 4 minutes with more than 1 hour of music.
  • Additional band exercises, warm-ups and scales.
  • Can be used as a repertoire book or as a continuation from Band Class 2.
  • Handy quick reference fingering charts.
  • Extra instrument parts for larger groups including 1st and 2nd books for flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet and trombone.
  • Perfect for concerts.

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Works by Australian composers:

Katy Abbott, Katy Addis, Martha Baartz, John Barrett, Taran Carter, Barry Cockcroft, Brendan Collins, Lachlan Davidson, Andrew Hackwill, Paul Marshall, Matthew Orlovich, John Peterson, Adam Pinto, Paul Witney

Separate books for:

Woodwinds: flute 1, flute 2, oboe, clarinet 1, clarinet 2, bass clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone 1, alto saxophone 2, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone

Brass: trumpet 1, trumpet 2, French horn, trombone 1, trombone 2, euphonium, Eb/Bb tuba

Percussion: snare drum/bass drum, timpani, auxiliary percussion, mallet percussion

Others: piano, bass guitar, full score

Instrument books $19.95 (23 pieces on 48 pages)
Full score $49.95 (370 pages)

Download Free Recording
Conducted by Rob McWilliams
Rob McWilliams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Music
Director of Bands & Instrumental Music Education
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Download the album (zip file 21 MP3 tracks - 52MB)

Sit back and listen to all tracks:

  1. Sixenowt Andrew Hackwill
  2. Queensland Jamn Lachlan Davidson
  3. Piranha Paul Marshall
  4. Red, Yellow and Blue Lachlan Davidson
  5. Reminiscences Lachlan Davidson
  6. Swingin’ Katy Addis
  7. June Day Katy Abbott
  8. Backyard Swing Lachlan Davidson
  9. The Purple Penguin Martha Baartz
  10. Circus Rondo Brendan Collins
  11. Processional Katy Addis
  12. Cha Cha Boom John Barrett
  13. Tango Paul Witney
  14. Flying Flynn Brendan Collins
  15. The Wail Taran Carter
  16. A Lane In Wales Lachlan Davidson
  17. Eat My Shorts Dance John Barrett
  18. On Crests of Waves John Peterson
  19. Prelude Adam Pinto
  20. Blow Down Barry Cockcroft
  21. Big Cats Matthew Orlovich
  22. Arrival of the Baby Elephant Matthew Orlovich
  23. Hippopotamusic Matthew Orlovich