Lachlan Davidson

Lachlan holds a Bachelor of Arts, Music (1985) and teaches at Presbyterian Ladies College and Melbourne University, Facutly of Music.

An accomplished player on all the reed instruments, Lachlan is in great demand around Melbourne for jazz, session and classical work. He has featured with Stevie Wonder and Mark Levine, played with Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles, and appeared on many CDs. Among the local jazz groups he has worked with are Clarion Fracture Zone, Brazjaz and Alex Pertout's Latin Jazz Ensemble. He performed with Odean Pope's Saxophone Choir at the 1997 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and leads his own jazz quarter Unlokked. He is also a published composer and an active arranger.

In additional to his music interests, Lachlan is a World Mini Quest Catamaran Champion and a Mosquito Sloop State Champion and his juggling skills (up to five balls) can be observed in the AAO's 'Concerto for Piano, Accordingly'.