Jonathan Dreyfus

Jonathan was raised with music, born to George Dreyfus (renowned Australian film composer) and Kay Dreyfus (musicologist and pianist). His concerts with his dad performing film music live to picture gave him an intuitive feeling for the genre, and he has toured these shows around Australia and Europe.

Beginning violin studies at the age of 5, Jonathan has become an established performer with rock and pop outfits while maintaining his classical training. His studio arrangements have a distinctive sound arising from this fusion of styles, and he also plays a host of other instruments and sings (or so he likes to call it).

In late 2008 Jonathan first composed film music for his friend’s student project. In what he can only describe as a freakish blur, he has subsequently written for a handful of ads, TV shows and awarded short films––and won an MADC Best Original Music Award––in just over a year.

If he had any spare time, Jonathan would be a huge nature enthusiast, explore folk music of the world and go to concerts every night. He currently tours with classical-rock-broadway quartet [ME], and released two albums with his last group Me and the Grownups.