After finishing his saxophone studies with honors at the Conservatory of Granada (Spain), Pedrosaxo (Pedro Rafael Garcia Moreno) was a finalist in the hit TV show 'GOT TALENT', performing works by his own composition. He chose the path of personal research, delving into the study of the saxophone and new forms of interpretation, imitation of sounds, world music, as well as performance practice with professional actors in Madrid.

As a result, Pedrosaxo is a unique artist of extreme sensitivity to the world around him, able to describe the atmosphere of faraway places through the saxophone and his body, his music combines orginality and traditional saxophone.

His style as an artist and teacher, has taken him to festivals, conservatories, universities and major saxophone halls in Spain, Slovakia, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, USA... It is in his role as a teacher where Pedrosaxo provides saxophonists (all kinds of musicians) a unique experience encouraging his students to develop new feelings with the instrument, from the classical repertoire to the most modern technology taking technical and concert music to its limits.