Exam: AMEB Clarinet Grade 6

Hoe Down

RM358 Hoe Down Davidson CLA/PNO
RM358 Hoe Down Davidson CLA/PNO
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RM358e Hoe Down Davidson CLA/PNO
RM358e Hoe Down Davidson CLA/PNO
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Composer: Lachlan Davidson
Composed: 2000 Duration: 4 mins.
Instrumentation: Clarinet & Piano Level D
Exam Grade: AMEB Clarinet Grade 6,
HSC Clarinet
ISMN: M-720071-09-1 Catalogue: RM358
Level: D Country: Australia

Also available for Alto sax solo with Big-band A jazz band with a violin solo, a sax quartet featuring Soprano Sax, a big band featuring violin or marimba have all performed “Hoe Down”. It does have a strong Funk element and is built around the pentatonic scale but also contains jazz and blues licks around primary triads (I, IV and V). My recorded tempo is at the upper limit but it does work very nicely at slower tempos, but not too slow. The jazz articulations at various times in the piece are hard not to swing but try to keep the even semi-quavers going and the energy up.