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Crazy Logic CD

RM333 Crazy Logic CD Romp Duo SAX CD
RM333 Crazy Logic CD Romp Duo SAX CD
Compact Disc.
Composed: 2006 Duration: 70 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
Exam Grade: AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade 7,
AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade AMusA,
AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade Certificate of Performance,
AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade LMusA,
HSC Saxophone Alto
ISMN: M-720071-04-6 Catalogue: RM333
Level: C, D, E Country: Australia


  1. Crazy Logic - Matthew Orlovich
  2. Heaven - Perry Goldstein
  3. Time Transfixed - Maria Grenfell
  4. Not too near....not too far - Brenton Broadstock
  5. Murphy's Law - Philip Norman
  6. Digressioni Modali - Andrián Pertout
  7. Three Places for a New Millenium - Stuart Greenbaum

Rompduo CD Launch

Composed: Duration: mins.
Instrumentation: Blog
ISMN: Catalogue:
Level: Country:

Rompduo featuring Barry Cockcroft & Adam Pinto concert and CD launch
Not Too Near....Not Too Far - Brenton Broadstock
Crazy Logic - Matthew Orlovich
*Flight of Fancy - Matthew Orlovich
*Erratic Movements - Taran Carter
Spiegel im Spiegel - Arvo Part
Sonata - Paul Creston
Le Api - Antonio Pasculli (arr. Kenneth Tse)

7:30pm Sat 16th June 2007
Arden Crescent, Rosanna, Melway 20 b12
Rosanna Uniting Church
Tickets are available at the door for $15/$20
or free entry with the purchase of a $25 CD.
Please contact for group discounts.

*premiere performance