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A Score of Ideas

RM603 A Score of Ideas McMillan
RM603 A Score of Ideas McMillan
Printed Book

This book is designed for beginning instrumentalists, current students and advanced players who would like to improvise and compose. A Score of Ideas can by used as a companion book to supplement instrumental tutor and band books. It will assist music teachers to help their students experience creative activities.

20 Ideas to Explore
Investigate concepts based on the fundamental elements of music:
rhythm, expression, tempo, dynamics, pitch, duration, tone, form, phrasing, articulation

20 Performance Activities to Do
Each idea includes a practical Performance Activity, designed to help students experience the creative idea being explored.

A Score of Ideas... the very essence of what good music teaching practice is all about.

Gary McPherson
Ormond Professor and Head, School of Music
The University of Melbourne

My Favourite Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba Tutor Book Accompaniments

RM131 My Favourite Tpt
RM131 My Favourite Tpt
Printed Book
Composer: Barry Cockcroft Editor, Graeme Vendy, Sam Seabrook
Composed: 2005 Duration: 100 mins.
Instrumentation: Euphonium Tutor Books, My Favourite Tutor Books, Trombone Tutor Books, Trumpet Tutor Books, Tuba Tutor Books
ISMN: M-720059-18-1 Catalogue: RM131
Level: A - Easy, B Country: Australia