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Spirit of the Plains CD Recording

Composer: Christine Draeger, Lachlan Skipworth, Ross Edwards, Sally Whitwell
Composed: 2013 Duration: 60 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
ISMN: Catalogue: RM1069
Level: C, D Country: Australia

Spirt of the Plains‘Spirit of the Plains’ is a beautiful collection of music for flute which reflects the rich diversity of Australian music. Twenty-one pieces have been selected for use in exams and recitals or just enjoyed for the beauty of the music.

Flute Christine Draeger & Lamorna Nightingale
Piano Jocelyn Fazzone

Available soon from Reed Music.

Sunburnt Aftertones CD – The Chamber Music of Katy Abbott

Composer: Katy Abbott
Composed: 2010 Duration: 60 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
ISMN: n/a Catalogue: RM696
Level: Country: Australia

Suburnt Aftertones CD Cover

Contents: Making Angels (2001) Flute, clarinet & piano

Syzygy Ensemble

No Ordinary Traveller (2006) Song-cycle for mezzo-soprano & mixed trio
Halcyon (Jenny Duck-Chong - mezzo-soprano)

The Empty Quarter (2008) Percussion duo & cello
Collision Theory & Caerwen Martin (cello)

MultiSonics (2010) Solo bassoon
Mark Gaydon

Sunburnt Aftertones (2001) Mixed sextet
Syzygy Ensemble with Arwen Johnson, Aaron Barndon & Caerwen Martin

Egyptian Wish (2001) soprano saxophone trio
Barry Cockcroft, Jessica Voigt & Joseph Lallo

MOVE (MCD 441) Showcasing Caerwen Martin (cello), Mark Gaydon (Bassoon), Barry Cockcroft (saxophone), Joseph Lallo (saxophone), Jessica Voigt (saxophone), Syzygy Ensemble, Halcyon & Collision Theory. Featuring the art of Matthew Quick's Pure Honesty.

Eat Chocolate and Cry

Composer: Jan Preston, Katy Abbott, Matthew Orlovich
Composed: 2009 Duration: 47 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
ISMN: n/a Catalogue: RM602
Level: B, C, D Country: Australia


  1. Flight of Fancy Matthew Orlovich
  2. Invisible Dance Tim Dargaville
  3. Jerry's Dance Song Ross Edwards
  4. Arabesque Ross Edwards
  5. Earth Song Ross Edwards
  6. On a Moonlit Night Maria Grenfell
  7. Promenade Christine Draeger
  8. Confession 2 Damian Barbeler
  9. Autumn Song Katy Abbott
  10. Silver-Point Gordon Kerry
  11. Garden Scene from 1914 Graeme Koehne
  12. Firefly Jane Stanley
  13. Rosella Alan Holley
  14. Eat Chocolate and Cry Jan Preston
  15. Eliza Aria Elena Kats-Chernin

Crazy Logic CD

RM333 Crazy Logic CD Romp Duo SAX CD
RM333 Crazy Logic CD Romp Duo SAX CD
Compact Disc.
Composed: 2006 Duration: 70 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
Exam Grade: AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade 7,
AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade AMusA,
AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade Certificate of Performance,
AMEB Saxophone Alto Grade LMusA,
HSC Saxophone Alto
ISMN: M-720071-04-6 Catalogue: RM333
Level: C, D, E Country: Australia


  1. Crazy Logic - Matthew Orlovich
  2. Heaven - Perry Goldstein
  3. Time Transfixed - Maria Grenfell
  4. Not too near....not too far - Brenton Broadstock
  5. Murphy's Law - Philip Norman
  6. Digressioni Modali - Andrián Pertout
  7. Three Places for a New Millenium - Stuart Greenbaum

Hinterland (VCE/HSC saxophone CD)

RM332 Hinterland (VCE/HSC saxophone CD) Romp Duo SAX CD
RM332 Hinterland (VCE/HSC saxophone CD) Romp Duo SAX CD
Compact Disc
Composer: Greg Clarkson, John Peterson, Katy Abbott, Lachlan Davidson, Stuart Greenbaum, Tomasz Spiewak
Composed: 2006 Duration: 60 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
Exam Grade: HSC Saxophone Alto
ISMN: M-720071-03-9 Catalogue: RM332
Level: B, C Country: Australia