Egyptian Wish

RM090e Egyptian Wish Abbott SOPRANO SAX BK/CD
RM090e Egyptian Wish Abbott SOPRANO SAX BK/CD
Digital Download eScore
Composer: Katy Abbott
Composed: 2002 Duration: 8 mins.
Instrumentation: Sax Soprano & Electronics
ISMN: M-720019-89-5 Catalogue: RM090
Level: D Country: Australia

Performed live by Barry Cockcroft

The initial inspiration for this work came from the composer's experience of travelling in the Middle East and in particular hearing the regular prayer calls that were sung and amplified over the cities throughout the day. Often the calls are heard simultaneously from more than one mosque. This creates a stereo or surround sound effect depending upon the location of where you are standing at the time.

Note: The download contains a high quality audio file and printable sheet music.

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