Helter Skelter

RM270e Helter Skelter Davidson TENOR SAX/PNO
RM270e Helter Skelter Davidson TENOR SAX/PNO
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Composer: Lachlan Davidson
Composed: 2001 Duration: 4 mins.
Instrumentation: Sax Tenor & Piano Level C
Exam Grade: AMEB Saxophone Tenor Grade 6,
HSC Saxophone Tenor
ISMN: M-720067-24-7 Catalogue: RM270
Level: C Country: Australia

Also available for Tenor sax solo with Big-band I wanted to write a difficult, complex tune (as I always seemed to end up writing simple melodies) and this is what resulted. Meredith was my first student to try it and she articulated it to suit how she played. I have adopted many of her articulations in this version. In certain circumstances, I highly recommend improvising in the optional section. The biggest challenge, other than the technical difficulty, is to swap between the fusion feel with the appropriate intense sound and the jazz feel with a lighter sound, and then lead gradually back towards the fusion feel and sound towards the end. The accompanist should be sure not to slow down in the swing section. Even push ahead a little.

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  1. Hi, I bought a copy of this music and i was wondering if you would have a pre-recorded copy of the song? so i can find out how people play it.
    thank you,

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