Cello Mania (12 pieces)

RM440 Cello Mania (12 pieces) Marshall VC/PNO
RM440 Cello Mania (12 pieces) Marshall VC/PNO
Printed Book
Composer: Paul Marshall
Composed: 2004-2007 Duration: 11 mins.
Instrumentation: Cello Solo Level A, Cello Solo Level B
Exam Grade: AMEB Cello Grade 0 Preliminary,
ANZCA Cello Grade 3,
HSC Cello
ISMN: M-720071-67-1 Catalogue: RM440
Level: A - Easy, B Country: Australia

Contents: Wombat Waddle, The Monkey's Raincoat , Muddy Monster March, A Sad, Sad Serenade , Wormy Waltz , Robotic Rag, Dinosaur Disco , Brolga Ballet , Sneekin' , Road Racer Rag , Hairy Habanera, Too Cool To Tango


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