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Whole Steps (7 pieces)

RM446 Whole Steps (7 pieces) Barrett VC
RM446 Whole Steps (7 pieces) Barrett VC
Printed Book
Composer: John Barrett
Composed: 2006 Duration: 15 mins.
Instrumentation: Cello Solo Level B, Cello Solo Level C
Exam Grade: ANZCA Cello Grade 3,
ANZCA Cello Grade 5,
HSC Cello
ISMN: M-720071-92-3 Catalogue: RM446
Level: B Country: Australia

Contents: Captain Fred , Rikitiki Plop , Doodly What's It , Lookin' at Cha Cha Cha, Slinkissimmo, The Little Rag Rag , Three Out of Four

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