RM625 Caritas Kerry VLA/PNO
RM625 Caritas Kerry VLA/PNO
Printed Book
Composer: Gordon Kerry
Composed: 2001 Duration: 7 mins.
Instrumentation: Viola & Piano
Exam Grade: HSC Viola
ISMN: 979-0-720100-54-8 Catalogue: RM625
Level: D Country: Australia

Like my Antiphon for solo viola, Caritas for Australian violist Sheelah Treflé Hidden to perform at the John Main Seminar held annually by the World Community for Christian Meditation, who commissioned the work. On this occasion the theme of the seminar was '‘The Spirit in the Desert', and it was held at St Ignatius, Riverview in Sydney in July 2001.

The work is based on the plainchant hymn Ubi caritas et amor (Where there is charity and love, there God is also), whose tune is heard in its entirety at the end of the piece. Before that, the work passes through a series of contrasting states, representing certain sounds - thunder, surf, bees and bells, and so on - which devotees of Krishna hear in their deepest meditative states as a sign of his presence.

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