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Melbourne Sonata

RM888 Melbourne Sonata Cockcroft SOPRANO SAX/PNO
RM888 Melbourne Sonata Cockcroft SOPRANO SAX/PNO
Printed Book
RM888e Melbourne Sonata Cockcroft SOPRANO SAX/PNO
RM888e Melbourne Sonata Cockcroft SOPRANO SAX/PNO
Digital Download eScore
Composer: Barry Cockcroft
Composed: 2012 Duration: 12 mins.
Instrumentation: Sax Soprano & Piano
ISMN: 979-0-720114-85-9 Catalogue: RM888
Level: E Country: Australia

The Melbourne Sonata is a major work for soprano saxophone & piano. It is dedicated to Irish saxophonist Gerard McChrystal and is a 12 minute composition in three movements, Go, Slow and Blow.

The effective performance of this piece lies in the ability of the duo to maintian considerable intensity throughout. The two parts are tightly integrated and at times the two instruments should be indistinguiable from one another. With few gaps in the saxophone part, circular breathing essential. The lines weave in and out of each other leaving neither instrument prominent. With the pedal depressed throughout the 2nd movement, some of the saxophone notes should cause the piano to resonate. It was not my intention to have the saxophone playing into the piano but rather a resonant 3rd voice in the distance. The final movement requires clarity of articulation and a hint of a Celtic feel.

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