Smocks and Ladders (6 pieces)

RM343e Smocks and Ladders Carter CLA/PNO
RM343e Smocks and Ladders Carter CLA/PNO
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Composer: Taran Carter
Composed: 2003-2006 Duration: 6 mins.
Instrumentation: Clarinet & Piano Level A, Clarinet & Piano Level B, Clarinet & Piano Level C
Exam Grade: AMEB Clarinet Grade 0 Preliminary,
AMEB Clarinet Grade 4,
HSC Clarinet
ISMN: M-720071-05-3 Catalogue: RM343
Level: A - Easy, C Country: Australia

Contents: Piper's Lullaby, Miles of Water Colour , Up The Ladder , Mosquito , Smock 2 , The Wail

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