Perdy Perdy

RM359e Perdy Perdy Davidson CLA/PNO
RM359e Perdy Perdy Davidson CLA/PNO
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Composer: Lachlan Davidson
Composed: 2001 Duration: 4 mins.
Instrumentation: Clarinet & Piano Level C
Exam Grade: HSC Clarinet,
VCE Clarinet
ISMN: M-720071-10-7 Catalogue: RM359
Level: C Country: Australia

I wrote this for Perdita, during her lessons, 12 bars per week, to give her an idea on how the blues works. She played the tenor but it sounds fine on all saxes. My bari (Horace) likes playing it, but not too slowly as it can drag. The articulations add to the rhythmic interest and putting a little accent on tongued notes adds to this effect. Otherwise you should lean on the the beat to keep the Boogie Woogie idea going. The piano part is mostly a bass part and gives you strong fundamental pitch to tune to and make the thirds hum.

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