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Eat Chocolate and Cry

RM602 Eat Chocolate and Cry CD FL CD
RM602 Eat Chocolate and Cry CD FL CD
Compact Disc.
Composer: Jan Preston, Katy Abbott, Matthew Orlovich
Composed: 2009 Duration: 47 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
ISMN: n/a Catalogue: RM602
Level: B, C, D Country: Australia


  1. Flight of Fancy Matthew Orlovich
  2. Invisible Dance Tim Dargaville
  3. Jerry's Dance Song Ross Edwards
  4. Arabesque Ross Edwards
  5. Earth Song Ross Edwards
  6. On a Moonlit Night Maria Grenfell
  7. Promenade Christine Draeger
  8. Confession 2 Damian Barbeler
  9. Autumn Song Katy Abbott
  10. Silver-Point Gordon Kerry
  11. Garden Scene from 1914 Graeme Koehne
  12. Firefly Jane Stanley
  13. Rosella Alan Holley
  14. Eat Chocolate and Cry Jan Preston
  15. Eliza Aria Elena Kats-Chernin

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