Phoenix – Bird of Fire

RM687e Phoenix - Bird of Fire Bright FL
RM687e Phoenix - Bird of Fire Bright FL
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Composer: Colin Bright
Composed: 2011 Duration: 5 mins.
Instrumentation: Flute Solo
Exam Grade: HSC Flute
ISMN: 979-0-720109-85-5 Catalogue: RM687
Level: D Country: Australia

Program note
A phoenix - is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends).

It has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes,  from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again.

The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self.

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