Country: Australia

Me and a Mate (14 pieces)

RM395 Me and a Mate (14 pieces) Barrett 2 SAX
RM395 Me and a Mate (14 pieces) Barrett 2 SAX

Printed Book

Composer: John Barrett
Composed: 2006 Duration: 15 mins.
Instrumentation: Sax Same Pitch Duets
ISMN: M-720071-53-4 Catalogue: RM395
Level: B, C Country: Australia

Contents: Strollin Along, Three Dogs Barking, Quick Let's Tidy Up , Sleeping Chilli , Rikitiki Plop, The Tripod Waltz, Two Lumps Thanks , Grooveitis, Hop, Skip and Woops , Mexican Wave, Let's Keep Together , Smoothie , Pudding, A Little Bit Of Shuffle


Thea’s Tunes

RM392 Thea
RM392 Thea

Printed Book

Composer: Tomasz Spiewak
Composed: 1999-2007 Duration: 7 mins.
Instrumentation: Cello Solo Level A, Cello Solo Level B
Exam Grade: ANZCA Cello Grade 2,
ANZCA Cello Grade 3,
ANZCA Cello Grade 4
ISMN: M-720071-50-3 Catalogue: RM392
Level: A - Easy, B Country: Australia

Contents: Thea, Theo, Pizzicato, Frolic, Doria, Cello Waltz

Statues (5 songs)

RM390 Statues (5 songs) Charlton-Harpercollins VOICE/PNO
RM390 Statues (5 songs) Charlton-Harpercollins VOICE/PNO

Printed Book

Composer: Richard Charlton
Composed: 2005 Duration: 12 mins.
Instrumentation: Voice & Piano Level C
Exam Grade: HSC Voice
ISMN: M-720071-47-3 Catalogue: RM390
Level: C Country: Australia

Contents: The Statues Awake, Venus & Apollo, Flowers, The Ghosts of Flesh, Reality

“STATUES” was composed especially for soprano Wendy Dixon & pianist David Miller and takes its text from a Kenneth Slessor poem called “Realities”.  Slessor meditates on the beauty of another dimension or ‘reality’ within some of the etchings of the artist Norman Lindsay.  The ‘image’ is of statues coming to life, or maybe they have always been alive, behind our own reality.  I also took as inspiration the beautiful setting of Norman Lindsay’s own statues in the garden of his house at Springwood in the Blue Mountains.  A place where on a warm sunny afternoon, time could very well stand still, and this whole other world exist!

The cycle was premiered by Wendy & David on December 4th 2005 at the Crows Nest Performing Arts Centre in Sydney.