Composer: Katy Abbott

Band Class 3 Score

RM724 Band Class 3 Score Seabrook BC3 CB
RM724 Band Class 3 Score Seabrook BC3 CB
Printed Book
Composer: Adam Pinto, Andrew Hackwill, Barry Cockcroft Editor, Brendan Collins, John Barrett, John Peterson, Katy Abbott, Katy Addis, Lachlan Davidson, Martha Baartz, Matthew Orlovich, Paul Marshall, Paul Witney, Sam Seabrook, Taran Carter
Composed: 2010 Duration: 60 mins.
Instrumentation: Band Class 3
ISMN: 979-0-720100-32-6 Catalogue: RM724
Level: 1.5, 3 Country: Australia

Band Class 3 is a great value repertoire collection including 23 original Australian band compositions for levels 1½ – 3.

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  • Styles include rock, blues, contemporary, rag, swing, hoe down, march and more.
  • Full score includes all parts, program notes, fingering charts and performance instructions.
  • Duration of pieces range from 1½ – 4 minutes with more than 1 hour of music.
  • Additional band exercises, warm-ups and scales.

Eat Chocolate and Cry

Composer: Jan Preston, Katy Abbott, Matthew Orlovich
Composed: 2009 Duration: 47 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
ISMN: n/a Catalogue: RM602
Level: B, C, D Country: Australia


  1. Flight of Fancy Matthew Orlovich
  2. Invisible Dance Tim Dargaville
  3. Jerry's Dance Song Ross Edwards
  4. Arabesque Ross Edwards
  5. Earth Song Ross Edwards
  6. On a Moonlit Night Maria Grenfell
  7. Promenade Christine Draeger
  8. Confession 2 Damian Barbeler
  9. Autumn Song Katy Abbott
  10. Silver-Point Gordon Kerry
  11. Garden Scene from 1914 Graeme Koehne
  12. Firefly Jane Stanley
  13. Rosella Alan Holley
  14. Eat Chocolate and Cry Jan Preston
  15. Eliza Aria Elena Kats-Chernin

Bassoon 5 (5 pieces)

RM563e Bassoon 5 (5 pieces) Abbott BSN/PNO
RM563e Bassoon 5 (5 pieces) Abbott BSN/PNO
Digital Download eScore
Composer: Katy Abbott
Composed: 2008 Duration: 9 mins.
Instrumentation: Bassoon & Piano Level B, Bassoon & Piano Level C
Exam Grade: HSC Bassoon
ISMN: 979-0-720083-64-3 Catalogue: RM563
Level: B, C Country: Australia

Contents: 1. A Convict Dreams of England, 2. Silver Moon on Bushranger Bay, 3. Merry-Go-Squares, 4. The Sydney Blues News , 5. Not Just Another Day


Jumeirah Jane

RM552e Jumeirah Jane Abbott CB
RM552e Jumeirah Jane Abbott CB
Digital Download eScore
Composer: Katy Abbott
Composed: 2008 Duration: 3 mins.
Instrumentation: Concert Band Repertoire
ISMN: 979-0-720083-53-7 Catalogue: RM552
Level: grade 4.5 Country: Australia

Performed live by Grainger Wind Symphony

The term 'Jumeirah Jane' is a colloquial Dubai description of an expatriate woman who has accompanied her husband to Dubai and lives the high life in the lovely beach suburb of Jumeirah (pronounced Joo-mear-ah as in 'hear').  In the initial stereotype, a Jumeirah Jane spends her days at the gym, the café and ferrying her children to soccer and ballet lessons in between mani/pedicures and organising her staff.  Further research on chat-sites, blogs and information boards (which can be quite heated and opinionated – just google 'Jumeirah Jane') suggests that a Jumeirah Jane lives in Dubai with no understanding of her cultural environment nor inclination to learn.  At the most extreme (negative) end of the continuum, a Jumeirah Jane thinks herself above those around her.

This piece is a response to my initial observations of such women and a cheeky play at the imagined attitudes they have towards others in Dubai, strutting their stuff around the footpath with a superiority complex over people from other cultures who come here to work to support their families at home.  It is perhaps also written in response to my niggling fear that I may be thought of as Jumeirah Jane myself – because really, pedicures are lovely, I love my coffee and I ferry my children to and from school!  Perhaps I will have to learn how to spend more on designer clothes and stop work to strut my stuff at the beach and shopping malls!

This piece is dedicated to my little God-daughter Isobel - quite sure of the fact that (although beautiful) she will one day not become a Jumeirah Jane of Sydney! - KA

Echoes of Another Age

RM463e Echoes of Another Age Abbott BASS TBN/PNO
RM463e Echoes of Another Age Abbott BASS TBN/PNO
Digital Download eScore
Composer: Katy Abbott
Composed: 2001 Duration: 4 mins.
Instrumentation: Bass Trombone & Piano
Exam Grade: HSC Trombone
ISMN: 979-0-9009559-9-9 Catalogue: RM463
Level: C Country: Australia

As a note of curiosity, the opening theme of the piece was composed on the evening of September 11th Eastern Standard Time (EST) of that year at the exact moments that the World Trade Centre in New York was being attacked.  The composer had no idea of the events on the other side of the world at the time of writing and the musical content is not related to these events.  However, the title, Echoes of Another Age is an acknowledgment of the change in awareness these events created of how we now live and perceive our world.




Hinterland (VCE/HSC saxophone CD)

RM332 Hinterland (VCE/HSC saxophone CD) Romp Duo SAX CD
RM332 Hinterland (VCE/HSC saxophone CD) Romp Duo SAX CD
Compact Disc
Composer: Greg Clarkson, John Peterson, Katy Abbott, Lachlan Davidson, Stuart Greenbaum, Tomasz Spiewak
Composed: 2006 Duration: 60 mins.
Instrumentation: CD Albums
Exam Grade: HSC Saxophone Alto
ISMN: M-720071-03-9 Catalogue: RM332
Level: B, C Country: Australia